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Interface ContainerCreateOptions

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Options to configure ContainerClient.create operation.




Optional abortSignal

abortSignal: AbortSignalLike

An implementation of the AbortSignalLike interface to signal the request to cancel the operation. For example, use the @azure/abort-controller to create an AbortSignal.

Optional access

Specifies whether data in the container may be accessed publicly and the level of access. Possible values include:

  • container: Specifies full public read access for container and blob data. Clients can enumerate blobs within the container via anonymous request, but cannot enumerate containers within the storage account.
  • blob: Specifies public read access for blobs. Blob data within this container can be read via anonymous request, but container data is not available. Clients cannot enumerate blobs within the container via anonymous request.

Optional containerEncryptionScope

containerEncryptionScope: ContainerEncryptionScope

Container encryption scope info.

Optional metadata

metadata: Metadata

A collection of key-value string pair to associate with the container.

Optional tracingOptions

tracingOptions: OperationTracingOptions

Options to configure spans created when tracing is enabled.

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