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Interface ContainerAcquireLeaseOptionalParams

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Optional parameters.


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    • ContainerAcquireLeaseOptionalParams



Optional duration

duration: undefined | number

Specifies the duration of the lease, in seconds, or negative one (-1) for a lease that never expires. A non-infinite lease can be between 15 and 60 seconds. A lease duration cannot be changed using renew or change.

Optional modifiedAccessConditions

modifiedAccessConditions: ModifiedAccessConditions

Parameter group

Optional proposedLeaseId

proposedLeaseId: undefined | string

Proposed lease ID, in a GUID string format. The Blob service returns 400 (Invalid request) if the proposed lease ID is not in the correct format. See Guid Constructor (String) for a list of valid GUID string formats.

Optional requestId

requestId: undefined | string

Provides a client-generated, opaque value with a 1 KB character limit that is recorded in the analytics logs when storage analytics logging is enabled.

Optional timeoutInSeconds

timeoutInSeconds: undefined | number

The timeout parameter is expressed in seconds. For more information, see Setting Timeouts for Blob Service Operations.

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