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Interface BlobDeleteOptionalParams

Package version

Optional parameters.


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    • BlobDeleteOptionalParams



Optional blobDeleteType

blobDeleteType: undefined | string

Optional. Only possible value is 'permanent', which specifies to permanently delete a blob if blob soft delete is enabled.

Optional deleteSnapshots

deleteSnapshots: DeleteSnapshotsOptionType

Required if the blob has associated snapshots. Specify one of the following two options: include: Delete the base blob and all of its snapshots. only: Delete only the blob's snapshots and not the blob itself

Optional leaseAccessConditions

leaseAccessConditions: LeaseAccessConditions

Parameter group

Optional modifiedAccessConditions

modifiedAccessConditions: ModifiedAccessConditions

Parameter group

Optional requestId

requestId: undefined | string

Provides a client-generated, opaque value with a 1 KB character limit that is recorded in the analytics logs when storage analytics logging is enabled.

Optional snapshot

snapshot: undefined | string

The snapshot parameter is an opaque DateTime value that, when present, specifies the blob snapshot to retrieve. For more information on working with blob snapshots, see Creating a Snapshot of a Blob.

Optional timeoutInSeconds

timeoutInSeconds: undefined | number

The timeout parameter is expressed in seconds. For more information, see Setting Timeouts for Blob Service Operations.

Optional versionId

versionId: undefined | string

The version id parameter is an opaque DateTime value that, when present, specifies the version of the blob to operate on. It's for service version 2019-10-10 and newer.

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