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Interface ShingleTokenFilter

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Creates combinations of tokens as a single token. This token filter is implemented using Apache Lucene.


  • ShingleTokenFilter



Optional filterToken

filterToken: undefined | string

The string to insert for each position at which there is no token. Default is an underscore (""). Default value: ''.

Optional maxShingleSize

maxShingleSize: undefined | number

The maximum shingle size. Default and minimum value is 2. Default value: 2.

Optional minShingleSize

minShingleSize: undefined | number

The minimum shingle size. Default and minimum value is 2. Must be less than the value of maxShingleSize. Default value: 2.


name: string

The name of the token filter. It must only contain letters, digits, spaces, dashes or underscores, can only start and end with alphanumeric characters, and is limited to 128 characters.


odatatype: "#Microsoft.Azure.Search.ShingleTokenFilter"

Polymorphic Discriminator

Optional outputUnigrams

outputUnigrams: undefined | false | true

A value indicating whether the output stream will contain the input tokens (unigrams) as well as shingles. Default is true. Default value: true.

Optional outputUnigramsIfNoShingles

outputUnigramsIfNoShingles: undefined | false | true

A value indicating whether to output unigrams for those times when no shingles are available. This property takes precedence when outputUnigrams is set to false. Default is false. Default value: false.

Optional tokenSeparator

tokenSeparator: undefined | string

The string to use when joining adjacent tokens to form a shingle. Default is a single space (" "). Default value: ''.

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