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Interface MicrosoftLanguageStemmingTokenizer

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Divides text using language-specific rules and reduces words to their base forms.


  • MicrosoftLanguageStemmingTokenizer



Optional isSearchTokenizer

isSearchTokenizer: undefined | false | true

A value indicating how the tokenizer is used. Set to true if used as the search tokenizer, set to false if used as the indexing tokenizer. Default is false. Default value: false.

Optional language

The language to use. The default is English. Possible values include: 'arabic', 'bangla', 'bulgarian', 'catalan', 'croatian', 'czech', 'danish', 'dutch', 'english', 'estonian', 'finnish', 'french', 'german', 'greek', 'gujarati', 'hebrew', 'hindi', 'hungarian', 'icelandic', 'indonesian', 'italian', 'kannada', 'latvian', 'lithuanian', 'malay', 'malayalam', 'marathi', 'norwegianBokmaal', 'polish', 'portuguese', 'portugueseBrazilian', 'punjabi', 'romanian', 'russian', 'serbianCyrillic', 'serbianLatin', 'slovak', 'slovenian', 'spanish', 'swedish', 'tamil', 'telugu', 'turkish', 'ukrainian', 'urdu'

Optional maxTokenLength

maxTokenLength: undefined | number

The maximum token length. Tokens longer than the maximum length are split. Maximum token length that can be used is 300 characters. Tokens longer than 300 characters are first split into tokens of length 300 and then each of those tokens is split based on the max token length set. Default is 255. Default value: 255.


name: string

The name of the tokenizer. It must only contain letters, digits, spaces, dashes or underscores, can only start and end with alphanumeric characters, and is limited to 128 characters.


odatatype: "#Microsoft.Azure.Search.MicrosoftLanguageStemmingTokenizer"

Polymorphic Discriminator

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