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Interface Index

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Represents a search index definition, which describes the fields and search behavior of an index.


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Optional analyzers

analyzers: AnalyzerUnion[]

The analyzers for the index.

Optional charFilters

charFilters: CharFilterUnion[]

The character filters for the index.

Optional corsOptions

corsOptions: CorsOptions

Options to control Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) for the index.

Optional defaultScoringProfile

defaultScoringProfile: undefined | string

The name of the scoring profile to use if none is specified in the query. If this property is not set and no scoring profile is specified in the query, then default scoring (tf-idf) will be used.

Optional eTag

eTag: undefined | string

The ETag of the index.


fields: Field[]

The fields of the index.


name: string

The name of the index.

Optional scoringProfiles

scoringProfiles: ScoringProfile[]

The scoring profiles for the index.

Optional suggesters

suggesters: Suggester[]

The suggesters for the index.

Optional tokenFilters

tokenFilters: TokenFilterUnion[]

The token filters for the index.

Optional tokenizers

tokenizers: TokenizerUnion[]

The tokenizers for the index.

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