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Azure Monitor OpenTelemetry Exporter client library for JavaScript

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Getting started

This exporter package assumes your application is already instrumented with the OpenTelemetry SDK. Once you are ready to export OpenTelemetry data, you can add this exporter to your application.

Install the package

npm install @azure/monitor-opentelemetry-exporter


You must have an Azure subscription and a Application Insights workspace to use this package. If you are using this package in a Node.js application, then use Node.js 8.5.0 or higher.

Distributed Tracing

Add the exporter to your existing OpenTelemetry tracer provider (NodeTracerProvider / BasicTracerProvider)

const { AzureMonitorTraceExporter } = require("@azure/monitor-opentelemetry-exporter");
const { NodeTracerProvider } = require("@opentelemetry/node");
const { BatchSpanProcessor } = require("@opentelemetry/tracing");

// Use your existing provider
const provider = new NodeTracerProvider({
  plugins: {
    https: {
      // Ignore Application Insights Ingestion Server
      ignoreOutgoingUrls: [new RegExp(/dc.services.visualstudio.com/i)]

// Create an exporter instance
const exporter = new AzureMonitorTraceExporter({
  instrumentationKey: "ikey"

// Add the exporter to the provider
  new BatchSpanProcessor(exporter, {
    bufferTimeout: 15000,
    bufferSize: 1000


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


For complete samples of a few champion scenarios, see the samples/ folder.

Key concepts

For more information on the OpenTelemetry project, please review the OpenTelemetry Specifications.


Enable debug logging

You can enable debug logging by changing the logging level of your provider.

const provider = new NodeTracerProvider({
  logLevel: LogLevel.DEBUG,
  plugins: {
    https: {
      // Ignore Application Insights Ingestion Server
      ignoreOutgoingUrls: [new RegExp(/dc.services.visualstudio.com/i)]

Next steps

This exporter is made to be used with the OpenTelemetry JS.

Plugin Registry

To see if a plugin has already been made for a library you are using, please check out the OpenTelemetry Registry.

If you cannot your library in the registry, feel free to suggest a new plugin request at opentelemetry-js-contrib.


If you'd like to contribute to this library, please read the contributing guide to learn more about how to build and test the code.


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