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Interface CreateRsaKeyOptions

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An interface representing the optional parameters that can be passed to createRsaKey




Optional abortSignal

abortSignal: AbortSignalLike

The signal which can be used to abort requests.

Optional enabled

enabled: undefined | false | true

Determines whether the object is enabled.

Optional expiresOn

expiresOn: Date

Expiry date in UTC.

Optional hsm

hsm: undefined | false | true

Whether to import as a hardware key (HSM) or software key.

Optional keyOps

keyOps: JsonWebKeyOperation[]

Json web key operations. For more information on possible key operations, see JsonWebKeyOperation.

Optional keySize

keySize: undefined | number

The key size in bits. For example: 2048, 3072, or 4096 for RSA.

Optional notBefore

notBefore: Date

Not before date in UTC.

Optional requestOptions

requestOptions: OperationRequestOptions

Options used when creating and sending HTTP requests for this operation.

Optional tags

tags: undefined | object

Application specific metadata in the form of key-value pairs.

Optional tracingOptions

tracingOptions: OperationTracingOptions

Options used when tracing is enabled.

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