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Interface CertificateIssuer

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An interface representing the properties of an issuer.




Optional accountId

accountId: undefined | string

The user name/account name/account id.

Optional administratorContacts

administratorContacts: AdministratorContact[]

Details of the organization's administrator contacts, as provided to the issuer.

Optional createdOn

createdOn: Date

When the issuer was created.

Optional enabled

enabled: undefined | false | true

Determines whether the object is enabled.

Optional id

id: undefined | string

Certificate Identifier.

Optional name

name: undefined | string

Name of the issuer.

Optional organizationId

organizationId: undefined | string

Id of the organization.

Optional password

password: undefined | string

The password/secret/account key.

Optional provider

provider: undefined | string

The issuer provider.

Optional updatedOn

updatedOn: Date

When the issuer was updated.

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