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Interface InteractiveCredentialOptions

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Common constructor options for the Identity credentials that requires user interaction.




Optional authenticationRecord

authenticationRecord: AuthenticationRecord

Result of a previous authentication that can be used to retrieve the cached credentials of each individual account. This is necessary to provide in case the application wants to work with more than one account per Client ID and Tenant ID pair.

This record can be retrieved by calling to the credential's authenticate() method, as follows:

const authenticationRecord = await credential.authenticate();

Optional authorityHost

authorityHost: undefined | string

The authority host to use for authentication requests. The default is "https://login.microsoftonline.com".

Optional disableAutomaticAuthentication

disableAutomaticAuthentication: undefined | false | true

Makes getToken throw if a manual authentication is necessary. Developers will need to call to authenticate() to control when to manually authenticate.

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