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Interface InteractiveBrowserCredentialOptions

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Defines options for the InteractiveBrowserCredential class.




Optional authorityHost

authorityHost: undefined | string

The authority host to use for authentication requests. The default is "https://login.microsoftonline.com".

Optional clientId

clientId: undefined | string

The client (application) ID of an App Registration in the tenant.

Optional httpClient

httpClient: HttpClient

The HttpClient implementation to use for outgoing HTTP requests. Defaults to DefaultHttpClient.

Optional keepAliveOptions

keepAliveOptions: KeepAliveOptions

Optional loginStyle

loginStyle: BrowserLoginStyle

Specifies whether a redirect or a popup window should be used to initiate the user authentication flow. Possible values are "redirect" or "popup" (default).

Optional postLogoutRedirectUri

postLogoutRedirectUri: string | function

Gets the URI to which the user will be redirected when logging out. Defaults to window.location.href.

Optional proxyOptions

proxyOptions: ProxyOptions

Options to configure a proxy for outgoing requests.

Optional redirectOptions

redirectOptions: RedirectOptions

Options for how redirect responses are handled.

Optional redirectUri

redirectUri: string | function

Gets the redirect URI of the application. This should be same as the value in the application registration portal. Defaults to window.location.href.

Optional retryOptions

retryOptions: RetryOptions

Options that control how to retry failed requests.

Optional tenantId

tenantId: undefined | string

The Azure Active Directory tenant (directory) ID.

Optional userAgentOptions

userAgentOptions: UserAgentOptions

Options for adding user agent details to outgoing requests.

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