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Interface RecognizeCategorizedEntitiesOptions

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Options for the recognize entities operation.




Optional disableServiceLogs

disableServiceLogs: undefined | false | true

If set to true (the default for beginAnalyzeHealthcareEntities and recognizePiiEntities), you opt-out of having your text input logged for troubleshooting. By default, Text Analytics logs your input text for 48 hours, solely to allow for troubleshooting issues. Setting this parameter to true, disables input logging and may limit our ability to remediate issues that occur.

Optional includeStatistics

includeStatistics: undefined | false | true

If set to true, response will contain input and document level statistics.

Optional modelVersion

modelVersion: undefined | string

This value indicates which model will be used for scoring. If a model-version is not specified, the API should default to the latest, non-preview version. For supported model versions, see operation-specific documentation, for example: https://docs.microsoft.com/azure/cognitive-services/text-analytics/how-tos/text-analytics-how-to-sentiment-analysis#model-versioning

Optional stringIndexType

stringIndexType: StringIndexType

Specifies the measurement unit used to calculate the offset and length properties. Possible units are "TextElements_v8", "UnicodeCodePoint", and "Utf16CodeUnit". The default is the JavaScript's default which is "Utf16CodeUnit".

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