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Interface AnalyzeActionsOperationState

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The state of the begin analyze polling operation.




Optional actionsFailedCount

actionsFailedCount: undefined | number

Number of failed actions.

Optional actionsInProgressCount

actionsInProgressCount: undefined | number

Number of actions still in progress.

Optional actionsSucceededCount

actionsSucceededCount: undefined | number

Number of successfully completed actions.

Optional createdOn

createdOn: Date

The date and time the operation was created.

Optional displayName

displayName: undefined | string

The operation's display name.

Optional expiresOn

expiresOn: Date

The date and time when the operation results will expire on the server.

Optional lastModifiedOn

lastModifiedOn: Date

The time the operation status was last updated.

Optional operationId

operationId: undefined | string

The operation id.

Optional status

status: State

The current status of the operation.

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