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Interface AnalyzeDocumentsOptions<Result>

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Options for the document analysis operation.

Type parameters

  • Result




Optional locale

locale: undefined | string

Locale hint for text recognition and document analysis.

The value may specify only the two-letter language code or a BCP-47 language tag indicating both language and region.


  • "en-US" (US English)
  • "fr" (French - no region)

Optional onProgress

onProgress: undefined | ((state: DocumentAnalysisPollOperationState<Result>) => void)

An optional initial progress handler that will be called when the poller state updates. This handler will be called once immediately after the poller state is initialized.

Optional pages

pages: undefined | string

A list of page ranges (1-indexed) within the input document to analyze, separated by commas

Examples: "1", "3-5", "1,3-5"

Optional resumeFrom

resumeFrom: undefined | string

A serialized poller state. If provided, the polling operation will be resumed from the given state instead of started as if it were a new operation.

Optional updateIntervalInMs

updateIntervalInMs: undefined | number

The amount of time to wait (in milliseconds) between subsequent requests relating to the same operation.

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