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Interface DetectRequest

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Optional customInterval

customInterval: undefined | number

Custom Interval is used to set non-standard time interval, for example, if the series is 5 minutes, request can be set as {"granularity":"minutely", "customInterval":5}.

Optional granularity

granularity: TimeGranularity

Optional argument, can be one of yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, minutely, secondly, microsecond or none. If granularity is not present, it will be none by default. If granularity is none, the timestamp property in time series point can be absent.

Optional maxAnomalyRatio

maxAnomalyRatio: undefined | number

Optional argument, advanced model parameter, max anomaly ratio in a time series.

Optional period

period: undefined | number

Optional argument, periodic value of a time series. If the value is null or does not present, the API will determine the period automatically.

Optional sensitivity

sensitivity: undefined | number

Optional argument, advanced model parameter, between 0-99, the lower the value is, the larger the margin value will be which means less anomalies will be accepted.


series: TimeSeriesPoint[]

Time series data points. Points should be sorted by timestamp in ascending order to match the anomaly detection result. If the data is not sorted correctly or there is duplicated timestamp, the API will not work. In such case, an error message will be returned.

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