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Interface DetectChangePointRequest

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  • DetectChangePointRequest



Optional customInterval

customInterval: undefined | number

Custom Interval is used to set non-standard time interval, for example, if the series is 5 minutes, request can be set as {"granularity":"minutely", "customInterval":5}.


granularity: TimeGranularity

Can only be one of yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, minutely or secondly. Granularity is used for verify whether input series is valid.

Optional period

period: undefined | number

Optional argument, periodic value of a time series. If the value is null or does not present, the API will determine the period automatically.


series: TimeSeriesPoint[]

Time series data points. Points should be sorted by timestamp in ascending order to match the change point detection result.

Optional stableTrendWindow

stableTrendWindow: undefined | number

Optional argument, advanced model parameter, a default stableTrendWindow will be used in detection.

Optional threshold

threshold: undefined | number

Optional argument, advanced model parameter, between 0.0-1.0, the lower the value is, the larger the trend error will be which means less change point will be accepted.

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