Interface Transformation

  • public interface Transformation
    An immutable client-side representation of Transformation.
    • Method Detail

      • id

        String id()
        Gets the id property: Fully qualified resource Id for the resource.
        the id value.
      • name

        String name()
        Gets the name property: Resource name.
        the name value.
      • type

        String type()
        Gets the type property: Resource type.
        the type value.
      • streamingUnits

        Integer streamingUnits()
        Gets the streamingUnits property: Specifies the number of streaming units that the streaming job uses.
        the streamingUnits value.
      • validStreamingUnits

        List<Integer> validStreamingUnits()
        Gets the validStreamingUnits property: Specifies the valid streaming units a streaming job can scale to.
        the validStreamingUnits value.
      • query

        String query()
        Gets the query property: Specifies the query that will be run in the streaming job. You can learn more about the Stream Analytics Query Language (SAQL) here: . Required on PUT (CreateOrReplace) requests.
        the query value.
      • etag

        String etag()
        Gets the etag property: The current entity tag for the transformation. This is an opaque string. You can use it to detect whether the resource has changed between requests. You can also use it in the If-Match or If-None-Match headers for write operations for optimistic concurrency.
        the etag value.
      • innerModel

        TransformationInner innerModel()
        Gets the inner object.
        the inner object.
      • update

        Transformation.Update update()
        Begins update for the Transformation resource.
        the stage of resource update.
      • refresh

        Transformation refresh()
        Refreshes the resource to sync with Azure.
        the refreshed resource.
      • refresh

        Transformation refresh​( context)
        Refreshes the resource to sync with Azure.
        context - The context to associate with this operation.
        the refreshed resource.