Azure SDK Core Library for C++

Azure::Core (azure-core) provides shared primitives, abstractions, and helpers for modern Azure SDK client libraries written in the C++. These libraries follow the Azure SDK Design Guidelines for C++.

The library allows client libraries to expose common functionality in a consistent fashion. Once you learn how to use these APIs in one client library, you will know how to use them in other client libraries.

Getting started

Typically, you will not need to download azure-core; it will be downloaded for you as a dependency of the client libraries. In case you want to download it explicitly (to implement your own client library, for example), you can find the source in here.

Key concepts

The main shared concepts of Azure::Core include:

  • Configuring service cliesnt, e.g. configuring retries, logging, etc.. (ClientOptions)
  • Accessing HTTP response details (Response, Response<T>)
  • Polling long-running operations
  • Exceptions for reporting errors from service requests in a consistent fashion (RequestFailedException)
  • Abstractions for Azure SDK Credentials (TokenCredential)


Three main ways of troubleshooting failures are:

  • Inspecting exceptions
  • Enabling logging (Available in future release)
  • Distributed tracing (Available in future release)

Next steps

Explore and install available Azure SDK libraries.


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