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# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
# Licensed under the MIT License. See License.txt in the project root for
# license information.
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------
from typing import AsyncIterator, Optional

from .._deserialize import from_blob_properties

[docs]class StorageStreamDownloader(object): """A streaming object to download from Azure Storage. :ivar str name: The name of the file being downloaded. :ivar properties: The properties of the file being downloaded. If only a range of the data is being downloaded, this will be reflected in the properties. :ivar int size: The size of the total data in the stream. This will be the byte range if speficied, otherwise the total size of the file. """ def __init__(self, downloader): self._downloader = downloader = = from_blob_properties( # pylint: disable=protected-access self.size = self._downloader.size def __len__(self): return self.size
[docs] def chunks(self) -> AsyncIterator[bytes]: """Iterate over chunks in the download stream. :rtype: AsyncIterator[bytes] """ return self._downloader.chunks()
[docs] async def read(self, size: Optional[int] = -1) -> bytes: """ Read up to size bytes from the stream and return them. If size is unspecified or is -1, all bytes will be read. :param size: The number of bytes to download from the stream. Leave unsepcified or set to -1 to download all bytes. :returns: The requsted data as bytes. If the return value is empty, there is no more data to read. :rtype: bytes """ return await
[docs] async def readall(self) -> bytes: """Download the contents of this file. This operation is blocking until all data is downloaded. :rtype: bytes """ return await self._downloader.readall()
[docs] async def readinto(self, stream) -> int: """Download the contents of this file to a stream. :param stream: The stream to download to. This can be an open file-handle, or any writable stream. The stream must be seekable if the download uses more than one parallel connection. :returns: The number of bytes read. :rtype: int """ return await self._downloader.readinto(stream)