azure.purview.scanning package

class azure.purview.scanning.PurviewScanningClient(credential: ‘TokenCredential’, endpoint: str, **kwargs: Any)[source]

Creates a Microsoft.Scanning management client.

  • credential (TokenCredential) – Credential needed for the client to connect to Azure.

  • endpoint (str) – The scanning endpoint of your purview account. Example: https://{accountName}

send_request(http_request: HttpRequest, **kwargs: Any) → HttpResponse[source]

Runs the network request through the client’s chained policies.

We have helper methods to create requests specific to this service in Use these helper methods to create the request you pass to this method. See our example below:

>>> from import build_get_request
>>> request = build_get_request(key_vault_name)
<HttpRequest [GET], url: '/azureKeyVaults/{keyVaultName}'>
>>> response = client.send_request(request)
<HttpResponse: 200 OK>

For more information on this code flow, see

For advanced cases, you can also create your own HttpRequest and pass it in.


http_request (HttpRequest) – The network request you want to make. Required.

Keyword Arguments

stream_response (bool) – Whether the response payload will be streamed. Defaults to False.


The response of your network call. Does not do error handling on your response.

Return type