Source code for azure.identity._exceptions

# ------------------------------------
# Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.
# Licensed under the MIT License.
# ------------------------------------
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from azure.core.exceptions import ClientAuthenticationError

    from typing import Any, Iterable, Optional

[docs]class CredentialUnavailableError(ClientAuthenticationError): """The credential did not attempt to authenticate because required data or state is unavailable."""
[docs]class AuthenticationRequiredError(CredentialUnavailableError): """Interactive authentication is required to acquire a token. This error is raised only by interactive user credentials configured not to automatically prompt for user interaction as needed. Its properties provide additional information that may be required to authenticate. The control_interactive_prompts sample demonstrates handling this error by calling a credential's "authenticate" method. """ def __init__(self, scopes, message=None, claims=None, **kwargs): # type: (Iterable[str], Optional[str], Optional[str], **Any) -> None self._claims = claims self._scopes = scopes if not message: message = "Interactive authentication is required to get a token. Call 'authenticate' to begin." super(AuthenticationRequiredError, self).__init__(message=message, **kwargs) @property def scopes(self): # type: () -> Iterable[str] """Scopes requested during the failed authentication""" return self._scopes @property def claims(self): # type: () -> Optional[str] """Additional claims required in the next authentication""" return self._claims