azure.eventhub.exceptions package

class azure.eventhub.exceptions.EventHubError(message, details=None)[source]

Represents an error occurred in the client.

  • message (str) – The error message.

  • error (str) – The error condition, if available.

  • details (Dict[str, str]) – The error details, if included in the service response.

class azure.eventhub.exceptions.ConnectError(message, details=None)[source]

Failed to connect to the Event Hubs service.

class azure.eventhub.exceptions.ConnectionLostError(message, details=None)[source]

Connection to the Event Hub is lost.

In most cases the client will automatically retry on this error.

class azure.eventhub.exceptions.EventDataError(message, details=None)[source]

Client prevented problematic event data from being sent.

class azure.eventhub.exceptions.EventDataSendError(message, details=None)[source]

Service returned an error while an event data is being sent.

class azure.eventhub.exceptions.AuthenticationError(message, details=None)[source]

Failed to connect to the Event Hubs service because of an authentication issue.

class azure.eventhub.exceptions.OwnershipLostError[source]

Raised when update_checkpoint detects the ownership to a partition has been lost.

class azure.eventhub.exceptions.ClientClosedError(message, details=None)[source]

The Client has been closed and is unable to process further events.

class azure.eventhub.exceptions.OperationTimeoutError(message, details=None)[source]

Operation timed out.