azure.confidentialledger.identity_service.aio package

class azure.confidentialledger.identity_service.aio.ConfidentialLedgerIdentityServiceClient(identity_service_url: str, **kwargs: Any)[source]

Client for communicating with the Confidential Ledger Identity Service, which is used for retrieving identity information about a particular Confidential Ledger instance.

  • identity_service_url (str) – Base URL for the Identity Service.

  • credential (TokenCredential) – Credential for connecting to the service. May be None, because no credential is currently required.

async close()None[source]

Close sockets opened by the client.

Calling this method is unnecessary when using the client as a context manager.

async get_ledger_identity(ledger_id: str, **kwargs: Any) → azure.confidentialledger.identity_service._models.LedgerIdentity[source]

Gets the network information for a Confidential Ledger instance.


ledger_id (str) – Id for the Confidential Ledger instance to get information for.


The ledger identity.

Return type




property identity_service_url

The URL this client is connected to.