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Interface VideoCreationProperties

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Optional video properties to be used in case a new video resource needs to be created on the service. These will not take effect if the video already exists.


  • VideoCreationProperties



Optional description

description: undefined | string

Optional video description provided by the user. Value can be up to 2048 characters long.

Optional segmentLength

segmentLength: undefined | string

Video segment length indicates the length of individual video files (segments) which are persisted to storage. Smaller segments provide lower archive playback latency but generate larger volume of storage transactions. Larger segments reduce the amount of storage transactions while increasing the archive playback latency. Value must be specified in ISO8601 duration format (i.e. "PT30S" equals 30 seconds) and can vary between 30 seconds to 5 minutes, in 30 seconds increments. Changing this value after the video is initially created can lead to errors when uploading media to the archive. Default value is 30 seconds.

Optional title

title: undefined | string

Optional video title provided by the user. Value can be up to 256 characters long.

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