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Interface PipelineTopology

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Pipeline topology describes the processing steps to be applied when processing media for a particular outcome. The topology should be defined according to the scenario to be achieved and can be reused across many pipeline instances which share the same processing characteristics. For instance, a pipeline topology which acquires data from a RTSP camera, process it with an specific AI model and stored the data on the cloud can be reused across many different cameras, as long as the same processing should be applied across all the cameras. Individual instance properties can be defined through the use of user-defined parameters, which allow for a topology to be parameterized, thus allowing individual pipelines to refer to different values, such as individual cameras RTSP endpoints and credentials. Overall a topology is composed of the following:

  • Parameters: list of user defined parameters that can be references across the topology nodes.
  • Sources: list of one or more data sources nodes such as an RTSP source which allows for media to be ingested from cameras.
  • Processors: list of nodes which perform data analysis or transformations.
  • Sinks: list of one or more data sinks which allow for data to be stored or exported to other destinations.


  • PipelineTopology




name: string

Pipeline topology unique identifier.

Optional properties

Pipeline topology properties.

Optional systemData

systemData: SystemData

Read-only system metadata associated with this object.

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