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Interface WorkspaceRepositoryConfiguration

Package version

Git integration settings


  • WorkspaceRepositoryConfiguration



Optional accountName

accountName: undefined | string

Account name

Optional clientId

clientId: undefined | string

GitHub bring your own app client id

Optional clientSecret

clientSecret: GitHubClientSecret

GitHub bring your own app client secret information.

Optional collaborationBranch

collaborationBranch: undefined | string

Collaboration branch

Optional hostName

hostName: undefined | string

GitHub Enterprise host name. For example: https://github.mydomain.com

Optional lastCommitId

lastCommitId: undefined | string

The last commit ID

Optional projectName

projectName: undefined | string

VSTS project name

Optional repositoryName

repositoryName: undefined | string

Repository name

Optional rootFolder

rootFolder: undefined | string

Root folder to use in the repository

Optional tenantId

tenantId: undefined | string

The VSTS tenant ID

Optional type

type: undefined | string

Type of workspace repositoryID configuration. Example WorkspaceVSTSConfiguration, WorkspaceGitHubConfiguration

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