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Interface SparkBatchJob

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  • SparkBatchJob



Optional appId

appId: undefined | string

The application id of this session

Optional appInfo

appInfo: undefined | {}

The detailed application info.

Optional artifactId

artifactId: undefined | string

The artifact identifier.

Optional errors

The error information.


id: number

The session Id.

Optional jobType

jobType: SparkJobType

The job type.

Optional livyInfo

Optional logLines

logLines: string[]

The log lines.

Optional name

name: undefined | string

The batch name.

Optional plugin

The plugin information.

Optional result

The Spark batch job result.

Optional scheduler

scheduler: SparkScheduler

The scheduler information.

Optional sparkPoolName

sparkPoolName: undefined | string

The Spark pool name.

Optional state

state: LivyStates

The batch state

Optional submitterId

submitterId: undefined | string

The submitter identifier.

Optional submitterName

submitterName: undefined | string

The submitter name.

Optional tags

tags: undefined | {}

The tags.

Optional workspaceName

workspaceName: undefined | string

The workspace name.

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