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Interface StorageRetryOptions

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Storage Blob retry options interface.


  • StorageRetryOptions



Optional maxRetryDelayInMs

maxRetryDelayInMs: undefined | number

Optional. Specifies the maximum delay allowed before retrying an operation (default is 120s or 120 * 1000ms). If you specify 0, then you must also specify 0 for retryDelayInMs.

Optional maxTries

maxTries: undefined | number

Optional. Max try number of attempts, default is 4. A value of 1 means 1 try and no retries. A value smaller than 1 means default retry number of attempts.

Optional retryDelayInMs

retryDelayInMs: undefined | number

Optional. Specifies the amount of delay to use before retrying an operation (default is 4s or 4 * 1000ms). The delay increases (exponentially or linearly) with each retry up to a maximum specified by maxRetryDelayInMs. If you specify 0, then you must also specify 0 for maxRetryDelayInMs.

Optional retryPolicyType

retryPolicyType: StorageRetryPolicyType

Optional. StorageRetryPolicyType, default is exponential retry policy.

Optional secondaryHost

secondaryHost: undefined | string

If a secondaryHost is specified, retries will be tried against this host. If secondaryHost is undefined (the default) then operations are not retried against another host.

NOTE: Before setting this field, make sure you understand the issues around reading stale and potentially-inconsistent data at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/storage/common/storage-designing-ha-apps-with-ragrs

Optional tryTimeoutInMs

tryTimeoutInMs: undefined | number

Optional. Indicates the maximum time in ms allowed for any single try of an HTTP request. A value of zero or undefined means no default timeout on SDK client, Azure Storage server's default timeout policy will be used.



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