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Interface RetriableReadableStreamOptions

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  • RetriableReadableStreamOptions



Optional doInjectErrorOnce

doInjectErrorOnce: undefined | false | true

Debug purpose only. Used to inject an unexpected end to existing internal stream, to test stream retry works well or not.

When assign it to true, for next incoming "data" event of internal stream, RetriableReadableStream will try to emit an "end" event to existing internal stream to force it end and start retry from the breaking point. The value will then update to "undefined", once the injection works.

Optional highWaterMark

highWaterMark: undefined | number

A threshold, not a limit. Dictates the amount of data that a stream buffers before it stops asking for more data.

Optional maxRetryRequests

maxRetryRequests: undefined | number

Max retry count (greater than or equal to 0), undefined or invalid value means no retry

Optional onProgress

onProgress: undefined | ((progress: TransferProgressEvent) => void)

Read progress event handler

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