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Interface PageBlobUploadPagesOptionalParams

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Optional parameters.


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    • PageBlobUploadPagesOptionalParams



Optional cpkInfo

cpkInfo: CpkInfo

Parameter group

Optional encryptionScope

encryptionScope: undefined | string

Optional. Version 2019-07-07 and later. Specifies the name of the encryption scope to use to encrypt the data provided in the request. If not specified, encryption is performed with the default account encryption scope. For more information, see Encryption at Rest for Azure Storage Services.

Optional leaseAccessConditions

leaseAccessConditions: LeaseAccessConditions

Parameter group

Optional modifiedAccessConditions

modifiedAccessConditions: ModifiedAccessConditions

Parameter group

Optional range

range: undefined | string

Return only the bytes of the blob in the specified range.

Optional requestId

requestId: undefined | string

Provides a client-generated, opaque value with a 1 KB character limit that is recorded in the analytics logs when storage analytics logging is enabled.

Optional sequenceNumberAccessConditions

sequenceNumberAccessConditions: SequenceNumberAccessConditions

Parameter group

Optional timeoutInSeconds

timeoutInSeconds: undefined | number

The timeout parameter is expressed in seconds. For more information, see Setting Timeouts for Blob Service Operations.

Optional transactionalContentCrc64

transactionalContentCrc64: Uint8Array

Specify the transactional crc64 for the body, to be validated by the service.

Optional transactionalContentMD5

transactionalContentMD5: Uint8Array

Specify the transactional md5 for the body, to be validated by the service.

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