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Interface PageBlobClearPagesOptions

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Options to configure the PageBlobClient.clearPages operation.




Optional abortSignal

abortSignal: AbortSignalLike

An implementation of the AbortSignalLike interface to signal the request to cancel the operation. For example, use the @azure/abort-controller to create an AbortSignal.

Optional conditions

Conditions to meet when clearing pages.

Optional customerProvidedKey

customerProvidedKey: CpkInfo

Customer Provided Key Info.

Optional encryptionScope

encryptionScope: undefined | string

Optional. Version 2019-07-07 and later. Specifies the name of the encryption scope to use to encrypt the data provided in the request. If not specified, encryption is performed with the default account encryption scope. For more information, see Encryption at Rest for Azure Storage Services.

Optional tracingOptions

tracingOptions: OperationTracingOptions

Options to configure spans created when tracing is enabled.

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