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Interface BlockBlobQueryOptions

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Options to configure BlockBlobClient.query operation.




Optional abortSignal

abortSignal: AbortSignalLike

An implementation of the AbortSignalLike interface to signal the request to cancel the operation. For example, use the @azure/abort-controller to create an AbortSignal.

Optional conditions

Conditions to meet when uploading to the block blob.

Optional customerProvidedKey

customerProvidedKey: CpkInfo

Customer Provided Key Info.

Optional inputTextConfiguration

Configurations for the query input.

Optional onError

onError: undefined | ((error: BlobQueryError) => void)

Callback to receive error events during the query operaiton.

Optional onProgress

onProgress: undefined | ((progress: TransferProgressEvent) => void)

Callback to receive events on the progress of query operation.

Optional outputTextConfiguration

Configurations for the query output.

Optional tracingOptions

tracingOptions: OperationTracingOptions

Options to configure spans created when tracing is enabled.

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