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Interface BlobPropertiesInternal

Package version

Properties of a blob


  • BlobPropertiesInternal



Optional accessTier

accessTier: AccessTier

Optional accessTierChangedOn

accessTierChangedOn: Date

Optional accessTierInferred

accessTierInferred: undefined | false | true

Optional archiveStatus

archiveStatus: ArchiveStatus

Optional blobSequenceNumber

blobSequenceNumber: undefined | number

Optional blobType

blobType: BlobType

Optional cacheControl

cacheControl: undefined | string

Optional contentDisposition

contentDisposition: undefined | string

Optional contentEncoding

contentEncoding: undefined | string

Optional contentLanguage

contentLanguage: undefined | string

Optional contentLength

contentLength: undefined | number

Size in bytes

Optional contentMD5

contentMD5: Uint8Array

Optional contentType

contentType: undefined | string

Optional copyCompletedOn

copyCompletedOn: Date

Optional copyId

copyId: undefined | string

Optional copyProgress

copyProgress: undefined | string

Optional copySource

copySource: undefined | string

Optional copyStatus

copyStatus: CopyStatusType

Optional copyStatusDescription

copyStatusDescription: undefined | string

Optional createdOn

createdOn: Date

Optional customerProvidedKeySha256

customerProvidedKeySha256: undefined | string

Optional deletedOn

deletedOn: Date

Optional destinationSnapshot

destinationSnapshot: undefined | string

Optional encryptionScope

encryptionScope: undefined | string

The name of the encryption scope under which the blob is encrypted.


etag: string

Optional expiresOn

expiresOn: Date

Optional immutabilityPolicyExpiresOn

immutabilityPolicyExpiresOn: Date

UTC date/time value generated by the service that indicates the time at which the blob immutability policy will expire.

Optional immutabilityPolicyMode

immutabilityPolicyMode: BlobImmutabilityPolicyMode

Indicates immutability policy mode.

Optional incrementalCopy

incrementalCopy: undefined | false | true

Optional isSealed

isSealed: undefined | false | true

Optional lastAccessedOn

lastAccessedOn: Date


lastModified: Date

Optional leaseDuration

leaseDuration: LeaseDurationType

Optional leaseState

leaseState: LeaseStateType

Optional leaseStatus

leaseStatus: LeaseStatusType

Optional legalHold

legalHold: undefined | false | true

Indicates if a legal hold is present on the blob.

Optional rehydratePriority

rehydratePriority: RehydratePriority

If an object is in rehydrate pending state then this header is returned with priority of rehydrate. Valid values are High and Standard.

Optional remainingRetentionDays

remainingRetentionDays: undefined | number

Optional serverEncrypted

serverEncrypted: undefined | false | true

Optional tagCount

tagCount: undefined | number

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