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Interface BlobCopyFromURLHeaders

Package version

Defines headers for Blob_copyFromURL operation.


  • BlobCopyFromURLHeaders



Optional clientRequestId

clientRequestId: undefined | string

If a client request id header is sent in the request, this header will be present in the response with the same value.

Optional contentMD5

contentMD5: Uint8Array

This response header is returned so that the client can check for the integrity of the copied content. This header is only returned if the source content MD5 was specified.

Optional copyId

copyId: undefined | string

String identifier for this copy operation.

Optional copyStatus

copyStatus: SyncCopyStatusType

State of the copy operation identified by x-ms-copy-id.

Optional date

date: Date

UTC date/time value generated by the service that indicates the time at which the response was initiated

Optional encryptionScope

encryptionScope: undefined | string

Returns the name of the encryption scope used to encrypt the blob contents and application metadata. Note that the absence of this header implies use of the default account encryption scope.

Optional errorCode

errorCode: undefined | string

Error Code

Optional etag

etag: undefined | string

The ETag contains a value that you can use to perform operations conditionally. If the request version is 2011-08-18 or newer, the ETag value will be in quotes.

Optional lastModified

lastModified: Date

Returns the date and time the container was last modified. Any operation that modifies the blob, including an update of the blob's metadata or properties, changes the last-modified time of the blob.

Optional requestId

requestId: undefined | string

This header uniquely identifies the request that was made and can be used for troubleshooting the request.

Optional version

version: undefined | string

Indicates the version of the Blob service used to execute the request. This header is returned for requests made against version 2009-09-19 and above.

Optional versionId

versionId: undefined | string

A DateTime value returned by the service that uniquely identifies the blob. The value of this header indicates the blob version, and may be used in subsequent requests to access this version of the blob.

Optional xMsContentCrc64

xMsContentCrc64: Uint8Array

This response header is returned so that the client can check for the integrity of the copied content.

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