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Interface BlobBreakLeaseOptionalParams

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Optional parameters.


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    • BlobBreakLeaseOptionalParams



Optional breakPeriod

breakPeriod: undefined | number

For a break operation, proposed duration the lease should continue before it is broken, in seconds, between 0 and 60. This break period is only used if it is shorter than the time remaining on the lease. If longer, the time remaining on the lease is used. A new lease will not be available before the break period has expired, but the lease may be held for longer than the break period. If this header does not appear with a break operation, a fixed-duration lease breaks after the remaining lease period elapses, and an infinite lease breaks immediately.

Optional modifiedAccessConditions

modifiedAccessConditions: ModifiedAccessConditions

Parameter group

Optional requestId

requestId: undefined | string

Provides a client-generated, opaque value with a 1 KB character limit that is recorded in the analytics logs when storage analytics logging is enabled.

Optional timeoutInSeconds

timeoutInSeconds: undefined | number

The timeout parameter is expressed in seconds. For more information, see Setting Timeouts for Blob Service Operations.

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