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Interface SubscribeOptions

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Options used when subscribing to a Service Bus queue or subscription.


  • {}
    • SubscribeOptions



Optional autoCompleteMessages

autoCompleteMessages: undefined | false | true

Indicates whether the message should be settled automatically based on the result from the user provided processMessage callback.

  • If an error is thrown from the processMessage callback the message will be abandoned using receiver.abandonMessage(). Doing so will make the message available again from the queue/subscription and the delivery count will be incremented.
  • If NO error is thrown from processMessage the message will be completed using receiver.completeMessage(). Doing so removes the message from the queue/subscription.

This option is ignored if messages are received in the receiveAndDelete receive mode or if the message is already settled in the user provided message callback.

  • Default: true.

Optional maxConcurrentCalls

maxConcurrentCalls: undefined | number

The maximum number of concurrent calls that the library can make to the user's message handler. Once this limit has been reached, more messages will not be received until atleast one of the calls to the user's message handler has completed.

  • Default: 1.

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