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Interface ServiceBusSessionReceiverOptions

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Describes the options passed to the acceptSession and acceptNextSession methods when using a Queue/Subscription that has sessions enabled.


  • {}
    • ServiceBusSessionReceiverOptions



Optional maxAutoLockRenewalDurationInMs

maxAutoLockRenewalDurationInMs: undefined | number

The maximum duration in milliseconds until which, the lock on the session will be renewed automatically by the sdk.

  • Default: 300000 milliseconds (5 minutes).
  • To disable autolock renewal, set this to 0.

Optional receiveMode

receiveMode: "peekLock" | "receiveAndDelete"

Represents the receive mode for the receiver.

In receiveAndDelete mode, messages are deleted from Service Bus as they are received.

In peekLock mode, the receiver has a lock on the message for the duration specified on the queue/subscription.

Messages that are not settled within the lock duration will be redelivered as many times as the max delivery count set on the queue/subscription, after which they get sent to a separate dead letter queue.

You can settle a message by calling complete(), abandon(), defer() or deadletter() methods on the message.

More information about how peekLock and message settlement works here: https://docs.microsoft.com/azure/service-bus-messaging/message-transfers-locks-settlement#peeklock

Optional skipParsingBodyAsJson

skipParsingBodyAsJson: undefined | false | true

Option to disable the client from running JSON.parse() on the message body when receiving the message. Not applicable if the message was sent with AMQP body type value or sequence. Use this option when you prefer to work directly with the bytes present in the message body than have the client attempt to parse it.

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