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Interface MessageHandlers

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The general message handler interface (used for streamMessages).


  • MessageHandlers




  • Handler that processes errors that occur during receiving.

    This handler will be called for any error that occurs in the receiver when

    • receiving the message, or
    • executing your processMessage callback, or
    • receiver is completing the message on your behalf after successfully running your processMessage callback and autoCompleteMessages is enabled
    • receiver is abandoning the message on your behalf if running your processMessage callback fails and autoCompleteMessages is enabled
    • receiver is renewing the lock on your behalf due to auto lock renewal feature being enabled

    Note that when receiving messages in a stream using subscribe(), the receiver will automatically retry receiving messages on all errors unless close() is called on the subscription. It is completely up to users to decide what errors are considered non-recoverable and to handle them accordingly in this callback. For a list of errors occurs within Service Bus, please refer to https://docs.microsoft.com/javascript/api/\@azure/service-bus/servicebuserror?view=azure-node-latest


    • args: ProcessErrorArgs

      The error and additional context to indicate where the error originated.

    Returns Promise<void>


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