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Class ServiceBusError

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Errors that occur within Service Bus.


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    • ServiceBusError








The reason for the failure.

  • GeneralError: The exception was the result of a general error within the client library.
  • MessagingEntityNotFound: A Service Bus resource cannot be found by the Service Bus service.
  • MessageLockLost: The lock on the message is lost. Callers should attempt to receive and process the message again.
  • MessageNotFound: The requested message was not found.
  • MessageSizeExceeded: A message is larger than the maximum size allowed for its transport.
  • MessagingEntityAlreadyExists: An entity with the same name exists under the same namespace.
  • MessagingEntityDisabled: The Messaging Entity is disabled. Enable the entity again using Portal.
  • QuotaExceeded: The quota applied to an Service Bus resource has been exceeded while interacting with the Azure Service Bus service.
  • ServiceBusy: The Azure Service Bus service reports that it is busy in response to a client request to perform an operation.
  • ServiceTimeout: An operation or other request timed out while interacting with the Azure Service Bus service.
  • ServiceCommunicationProblem: There was a general communications error encountered when interacting with the Azure Service Bus service.
  • SessionCannotBeLocked: The requested session cannot be locked.
  • SessionLockLost: The lock on the session has expired. Callers should request the session again.
  • UnauthorizedAccess": The user doesn't have access to the entity.

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