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Interface MetricsListOptionalParams

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Optional parameters.


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    • MetricsListOptionalParams



Optional aggregation

aggregation: undefined | string

The list of aggregation types (comma separated) to retrieve.

Optional filter

filter: undefined | string

The $filter is used to reduce the set of metric data returned.
Metric contains metadata A, B and C.
- Return all time series of C where A = a1 and B = b1 or b2
$filter=A eq ‘a1’ and B eq ‘b1’ or B eq ‘b2’ and C eq ‘*’
- Invalid variant:
$filter=A eq ‘a1’ and B eq ‘b1’ and C eq ‘*’ or B = ‘b2’
This is invalid because the logical or operator cannot separate two different metadata names.
- Return all time series where A = a1, B = b1 and C = c1:
$filter=A eq ‘a1’ and B eq ‘b1’ and C eq ‘c1’
- Return all time series where A = a1
$filter=A eq ‘a1’ and B eq ‘’ and C eq ‘.

Optional interval

interval: undefined | string

The interval (i.e. timegrain) of the query.

Optional metric

metric: undefined | string

The name of the metric to retrieve.

Optional metricnamespace

metricnamespace: undefined | string

Metric namespace to query metric definitions for.

Optional orderby

orderby: undefined | string

The aggregation to use for sorting results and the direction of the sort. Only one order can be specified. Examples: sum asc.

Optional resultType

resultType: ResultType

Reduces the set of data collected. The syntax allowed depends on the operation. See the operation's description for details.

Optional timespan

timespan: undefined | string

The timespan of the query. It is a string with the following format 'startDateTime_ISO/endDateTime_ISO'.

Optional top

top: undefined | number

The maximum number of records to retrieve. Valid only if $filter is specified. Defaults to 10.

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