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Interface TelemetryItem

Package version

System variables for a telemetry item.


  • TelemetryItem



Optional data

Telemetry data item.

Optional instrumentationKey

instrumentationKey: undefined | string

The instrumentation key of the Application Insights resource.


name: string

Type name of telemetry data item.

Optional sampleRate

sampleRate: undefined | number

Sampling rate used in application. This telemetry item represents 1 / sampleRate actual telemetry items.

Optional sequence

sequence: undefined | string

Sequence field used to track absolute order of uploaded events.

Optional tags

tags: undefined | {}

Key/value collection of context properties. See ContextTagKeys for information on available properties.


time: Date

Event date time when telemetry item was created. This is the wall clock time on the client when the event was generated. There is no guarantee that the client's time is accurate. This field must be formatted in UTC ISO 8601 format, with a trailing 'Z' character, as described publicly on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8601#UTC. Note: the number of decimal seconds digits provided are variable (and unspecified). Consumers should handle this, i.e. managed code consumers should not use format 'O' for parsing as it specifies a fixed length. Example: 2009-06-15T13:45:30.0000000Z.

Optional version

version: undefined | number

Envelope version. For internal use only. By assigning this the default, it will not be serialized within the payload unless changed to a value other than #1.

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