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Interface TelemetryExceptionDetails

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Exception details of the exception in a chain.


  • TelemetryExceptionDetails



Optional hasFullStack

hasFullStack: undefined | false | true

Indicates if full exception stack is provided in the exception. The stack may be trimmed, such as in the case of a StackOverflow exception.

Optional id

id: undefined | number

In case exception is nested (outer exception contains inner one), the id and outerId properties are used to represent the nesting.


message: string

Exception message.

Optional outerId

outerId: undefined | number

The value of outerId is a reference to an element in ExceptionDetails that represents the outer exception

Optional parsedStack

parsedStack: StackFrame[]

List of stack frames. Either stack or parsedStack should have a value.

Optional stack

stack: undefined | string

Text describing the stack. Either stack or parsedStack should have a value.

Optional typeName

typeName: undefined | string

Exception type name.

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