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Interface CertificatePolicyProperties

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An interface representing a certificate's policy (without the subject properties).


  • CertificatePolicyProperties



Optional certificateTransparency

certificateTransparency: undefined | false | true

Indicates if the certificates generated under this policy should be published to certificate transparency logs.

Optional certificateType

certificateType: undefined | string

Type of certificate to be requested from the issuer provider.

Optional contentType

The media type (MIME type).

Set to application/x-pkcs12 when the certificate contains your PKCS#12/PFX bytes, or to application/x-pem-file when the certificate contains your ASCII PEM-encoded bytes.

Optional createdOn

createdOn: Date

When the certificate was created.

Optional enabled

enabled: undefined | false | true

Determines whether the object is enabled.

Optional enhancedKeyUsage

enhancedKeyUsage: string[]

The enhanced key usage.

Optional exportable

exportable: undefined | false | true

Whether or not the certificate can be exported

Optional issuerName

issuerName: WellKnownIssuerNames | string

Name of the referenced issuer object or reserved names; for example, 'Self' or 'Unknown'.

Optional keyCurveName

keyCurveName: CertificateKeyCurveName

Elliptic curve name. Possible values include: 'P-256', 'P-384', 'P-521', 'P-256K'

Optional keySize

keySize: undefined | number

The key size in bits. For example: 2048, 3072, or 4096 for RSA.

Optional keyType

keyType: CertificateKeyType

The type of key pair to be used for the certificate. Possible values include: 'EC', 'EC-HSM', 'RSA', 'RSA-HSM', 'oct'

Optional keyUsage

keyUsage: KeyUsageType[]

List of key usages.

Optional lifetimeActions

lifetimeActions: LifetimeAction[]

Actions that will be performed by Key Vault over the lifetime of a certificate.

Optional reuseKey

reuseKey: undefined | false | true

Indicates if the same key pair will be used on certificate renewal.

Optional updatedOn

updatedOn: Date

When the object was updated.

Optional validityInMonths

validityInMonths: undefined | number

The duration that the certificate is valid in months.

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