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Interface PipelineRequestOptions

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Settings to initialize a request. Almost equivalent to Partial, but url is mandatory.


  • PipelineRequestOptions



Optional abortSignal

abortSignal: AbortSignalLike

Used to abort the request later.

Optional allowInsecureConnection

allowInsecureConnection: undefined | false | true

Set to true if the request is sent over HTTP instead of HTTPS

Optional body

The HTTP body content (if any)

Optional disableKeepAlive

disableKeepAlive: undefined | false | true

If the connection should not be reused.

Optional formData

formData: FormDataMap

To simulate a browser form post

Optional headers

headers: HttpHeaders

The HTTP headers to use when making the request.

Optional method

method: HttpMethods

The HTTP method to use when making the request.

Optional onDownloadProgress

onDownloadProgress: undefined | ((progress: TransferProgressEvent) => void)

Callback which fires upon download progress.

Optional onUploadProgress

onUploadProgress: undefined | ((progress: TransferProgressEvent) => void)

Callback which fires upon upload progress.

Optional proxySettings

proxySettings: ProxySettings

Proxy configuration.

Optional requestId

requestId: undefined | string

A unique identifier for the request. Used for logging and tracing.

Optional streamResponseStatusCodes

streamResponseStatusCodes: Set<number>

A list of response status codes whose corresponding PipelineResponse body should be treated as a stream.

Optional timeout

timeout: undefined | number

The number of milliseconds a request can take before automatically being terminated. If the request is terminated, an AbortError is thrown. Defaults to 0, which disables the timeout.

Optional tracingOptions

tracingOptions: OperationTracingOptions

Options used to create a span when tracing is enabled.


url: string

The URL to make the request to.

Optional withCredentials

withCredentials: undefined | false | true

If credentials (cookies) should be sent along during an XHR. Defaults to false.

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