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Interface AttestSgxEnclaveRequest

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Attestation request for Intel SGX enclaves


  • AttestSgxEnclaveRequest



Optional draftPolicyForAttestation

draftPolicyForAttestation: undefined | string

Attest against the provided draft policy. Note that the resulting token cannot be validated.

Optional initTimeData

initTimeData: InitTimeData

Initialization data provided when the enclave is created. MAA will verify that the init data was known to the enclave. Note that InitTimeData is invalid for CoffeeLake processors.

Optional quote

quote: Uint8Array

Quote of the enclave to be attested

Optional runtimeData

runtimeData: RuntimeData

Runtime data provided by the enclave at the time of quote generation. The MAA will verify that the first 32 bytes of the report_data field of the quote contains the SHA256 hash of the decoded "data" field of the runtime data.

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