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Interface AttestOpenEnclaveRequest

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Attestation request for Intel SGX enclaves


  • AttestOpenEnclaveRequest



Optional draftPolicyForAttestation

draftPolicyForAttestation: undefined | string

Attest against the provided draft policy. Note that the resulting token cannot be validated.

Optional initTimeData

initTimeData: InitTimeData

Base64Url encoded "InitTime data". The MAA will verify that the init data was known to the enclave. Note that InitTimeData is invalid for CoffeeLake processors.

Optional report

report: Uint8Array

OpenEnclave report from the enclave to be attested

Optional runtimeData

runtimeData: RuntimeData

Runtime data provided by the enclave at the time of report generation. The MAA will verify that the first 32 bytes of the report_data field of the quote contains the SHA256 hash of the decoded "data" field of the runtime data.

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