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Interface SummaryResults

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Compliance summary on a particular summary level.


  • SummaryResults



Optional nonCompliantPolicies

nonCompliantPolicies: undefined | number

Number of non-compliant policies.

Optional nonCompliantResources

nonCompliantResources: undefined | number

Number of non-compliant resources.

Optional policyDetails

policyDetails: ComplianceDetail[]

The policy artifact summary at this level. For query scope level, it represents policy assignment summary. For policy assignment level, it represents policy definitions summary.

Optional policyGroupDetails

policyGroupDetails: ComplianceDetail[]

The policy definition group summary at this level.

Optional queryResultsUri

queryResultsUri: undefined | string

HTTP POST URI for queryResults action on Microsoft.PolicyInsights to retrieve raw results for the compliance summary. This property will not be available by default in future API versions, but could be queried explicitly.

Optional resourceDetails

resourceDetails: ComplianceDetail[]

The resources summary at this level.

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