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Interface PolicyEvent

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Policy event record.


  • PolicyEvent


[property: string]: any

Describes unknown properties. The value of an unknown property can be of "any" type.



Optional complianceState

complianceState: undefined | string

Compliance state of the resource.

Optional components

components: ComponentEventDetails[]

Components events records populated only when URL contains $expand=components clause.

Optional effectiveParameters

effectiveParameters: undefined | string

Effective parameters for the policy assignment.

Optional isCompliant

isCompliant: undefined | false | true

Flag which states whether the resource is compliant against the policy assignment it was evaluated against.

Optional managementGroupIds

managementGroupIds: undefined | string

Comma separated list of management group IDs, which represent the hierarchy of the management groups the resource is under.

Optional odataContext

odataContext: undefined | string

OData context string; used by OData clients to resolve type information based on metadata.

Optional odataId

odataId: undefined | string

OData entity ID; always set to null since policy event records do not have an entity ID.

Optional policyAssignmentId

policyAssignmentId: undefined | string

Policy assignment ID.

Optional policyAssignmentName

policyAssignmentName: undefined | string

Policy assignment name.

Optional policyAssignmentOwner

policyAssignmentOwner: undefined | string

Policy assignment owner.

Optional policyAssignmentParameters

policyAssignmentParameters: undefined | string

Policy assignment parameters.

Optional policyAssignmentScope

policyAssignmentScope: undefined | string

Policy assignment scope.

Optional policyDefinitionAction

policyDefinitionAction: undefined | string

Policy definition action, i.e. effect.

Optional policyDefinitionCategory

policyDefinitionCategory: undefined | string

Policy definition category.

Optional policyDefinitionId

policyDefinitionId: undefined | string

Policy definition ID.

Optional policyDefinitionName

policyDefinitionName: undefined | string

Policy definition name.

Optional policyDefinitionReferenceId

policyDefinitionReferenceId: undefined | string

Reference ID for the policy definition inside the policy set, if the policy assignment is for a policy set.

Optional policySetDefinitionCategory

policySetDefinitionCategory: undefined | string

Policy set definition category, if the policy assignment is for a policy set.

Optional policySetDefinitionId

policySetDefinitionId: undefined | string

Policy set definition ID, if the policy assignment is for a policy set.

Optional policySetDefinitionName

policySetDefinitionName: undefined | string

Policy set definition name, if the policy assignment is for a policy set.

Optional policySetDefinitionOwner

policySetDefinitionOwner: undefined | string

Policy set definition owner, if the policy assignment is for a policy set.

Optional policySetDefinitionParameters

policySetDefinitionParameters: undefined | string

Policy set definition parameters, if the policy assignment is for a policy set.

Optional principalOid

principalOid: undefined | string

Principal object ID for the user who initiated the resource operation that triggered the policy event.

Optional resourceGroup

resourceGroup: undefined | string

Resource group name.

Optional resourceId

resourceId: undefined | string

Resource ID.

Optional resourceLocation

resourceLocation: undefined | string

Resource location.

Optional resourceTags

resourceTags: undefined | string

List of resource tags.

Optional resourceType

resourceType: undefined | string

Resource type.

Optional subscriptionId

subscriptionId: undefined | string

Subscription ID.

Optional tenantId

tenantId: undefined | string

Tenant ID for the policy event record.

Optional timestamp

timestamp: Date

Timestamp for the policy event record.

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