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Interface DataCenterResourceProperties

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Properties of a managed Cassandra data center.


  • DataCenterResourceProperties



Optional authenticationMethodLdapProperties

authenticationMethodLdapProperties: AuthenticationMethodLdapProperties

Ldap authentication method properties. This feature is in preview.

Optional availabilityZone

availabilityZone: undefined | false | true

If the data center has Availability Zone feature, apply it to the Virtual Machine ScaleSet that host the cassandra data center virtual machines.

Optional backupStorageCustomerKeyUri

backupStorageCustomerKeyUri: undefined | string

Indicates the Key Uri of the customer key to use for encryption of the backup storage account.

Optional base64EncodedCassandraYamlFragment

base64EncodedCassandraYamlFragment: undefined | string

A fragment of a cassandra.yaml configuration file to be included in the cassandra.yaml for all nodes in this data center. The fragment should be Base64 encoded, and only a subset of keys are allowed.

Optional dataCenterLocation

dataCenterLocation: undefined | string

The region this data center should be created in.

Optional delegatedSubnetId

delegatedSubnetId: undefined | string

Resource id of a subnet the nodes in this data center should have their network interfaces connected to. The subnet must be in the same region specified in 'dataCenterLocation' and must be able to route to the subnet specified in the cluster's 'delegatedManagementSubnetId' property. This resource id will be of the form '/subscriptions//resourceGroups//providers/Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks//subnets/'.

Optional diskCapacity

diskCapacity: undefined | number

Number of disk used for data centers. Default value is 4.

Optional diskSku

diskSku: undefined | string

Disk SKU used for data centers. Default value is P30.

Optional managedDiskCustomerKeyUri

managedDiskCustomerKeyUri: undefined | string

Key uri to use for encryption of managed disks. Ensure the system assigned identity of the cluster has been assigned appropriate permissions(key get/wrap/unwrap permissions) on the key.

Optional nodeCount

nodeCount: undefined | number

The number of nodes the data center should have. This is the desired number. After it is set, it may take some time for the data center to be scaled to match. To monitor the number of nodes and their status, use the fetchNodeStatus method on the cluster.

Optional provisioningState

The status of the resource at the time the operation was called.

Optional seedNodes

seedNodes: SeedNode[]

IP addresses for seed nodes in this data center. This is for reference. Generally you will want to use the seedNodes property on the cluster, which aggregates the seed nodes from all data centers in the cluster. NOTE: This property will not be serialized. It can only be populated by the server.

Optional sku

sku: undefined | string

Virtual Machine SKU used for data centers. Default value is Standard_DS14_v2

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