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Interface DatabaseAccountUpdateParameters

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Parameters for patching Azure Cosmos DB database account properties.


  • DatabaseAccountUpdateParameters



Optional analyticalStorageConfiguration

analyticalStorageConfiguration: AnalyticalStorageConfiguration

Analytical storage specific properties.

Optional apiProperties

apiProperties: ApiProperties

API specific properties. Currently, supported only for MongoDB API.

Optional backupPolicy

backupPolicy: BackupPolicyUnion

The object representing the policy for taking backups on an account.

Optional capabilities

capabilities: Capability[]

List of Cosmos DB capabilities for the account

Optional capacity

capacity: Capacity

The object that represents all properties related to capacity enforcement on an account.

Optional connectorOffer

connectorOffer: ConnectorOffer

The cassandra connector offer type for the Cosmos DB database C* account.

Optional consistencyPolicy

consistencyPolicy: ConsistencyPolicy

The consistency policy for the Cosmos DB account.

Optional cors

cors: CorsPolicy[]

The CORS policy for the Cosmos DB database account.

Optional defaultIdentity

defaultIdentity: undefined | string

The default identity for accessing key vault used in features like customer managed keys. The default identity needs to be explicitly set by the users. It can be "FirstPartyIdentity", "SystemAssignedIdentity" and more.

Optional diagnosticLogSettings

diagnosticLogSettings: DiagnosticLogSettings

The Object representing the different Diagnostic log settings for the Cosmos DB Account.

Optional disableKeyBasedMetadataWriteAccess

disableKeyBasedMetadataWriteAccess: undefined | false | true

Disable write operations on metadata resources (databases, containers, throughput) via account keys

Optional disableLocalAuth

disableLocalAuth: undefined | false | true

Opt-out of local authentication and ensure only MSI and AAD can be used exclusively for authentication.

Optional enableAnalyticalStorage

enableAnalyticalStorage: undefined | false | true

Flag to indicate whether to enable storage analytics.

Optional enableAutomaticFailover

enableAutomaticFailover: undefined | false | true

Enables automatic failover of the write region in the rare event that the region is unavailable due to an outage. Automatic failover will result in a new write region for the account and is chosen based on the failover priorities configured for the account.

Optional enableCassandraConnector

enableCassandraConnector: undefined | false | true

Enables the cassandra connector on the Cosmos DB C* account

Optional enableFreeTier

enableFreeTier: undefined | false | true

Flag to indicate whether Free Tier is enabled.

Optional enableMaterializedViews

enableMaterializedViews: undefined | false | true

Flag to indicate whether to enable MaterializedViews on the Cosmos DB account

Optional enableMultipleWriteLocations

enableMultipleWriteLocations: undefined | false | true

Enables the account to write in multiple locations

Optional identity

Identity for the resource.

Optional ipRules

ipRules: IpAddressOrRange[]

List of IpRules.

Optional isVirtualNetworkFilterEnabled

isVirtualNetworkFilterEnabled: undefined | false | true

Flag to indicate whether to enable/disable Virtual Network ACL rules.

Optional keyVaultKeyUri

keyVaultKeyUri: undefined | string

The URI of the key vault

Optional keysMetadata

This property is ignored during the update operation, as the metadata is read-only. The object represents the metadata for the Account Keys of the Cosmos DB account.

Optional location

location: undefined | string

The location of the resource group to which the resource belongs.

Optional locations

locations: Location[]

An array that contains the georeplication locations enabled for the Cosmos DB account.

Optional networkAclBypass

networkAclBypass: NetworkAclBypass

Indicates what services are allowed to bypass firewall checks.

Optional networkAclBypassResourceIds

networkAclBypassResourceIds: string[]

An array that contains the Resource Ids for Network Acl Bypass for the Cosmos DB account.

Optional publicNetworkAccess

publicNetworkAccess: PublicNetworkAccess

Whether requests from Public Network are allowed

Optional tags

tags: undefined | {}

Tags are a list of key-value pairs that describe the resource. These tags can be used in viewing and grouping this resource (across resource groups). A maximum of 15 tags can be provided for a resource. Each tag must have a key no greater than 128 characters and value no greater than 256 characters. For example, the default experience for a template type is set with "defaultExperience": "Cassandra". Current "defaultExperience" values also include "Table", "Graph", "DocumentDB", and "MongoDB".

Optional virtualNetworkRules

virtualNetworkRules: VirtualNetworkRule[]

List of Virtual Network ACL rules configured for the Cosmos DB account.

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